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All that you need to know about Dynamics 365 support.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support Services

However great a product might be or however foolproofly it is built, users will always need support. When users do not receive timely answers and support for their requests, they would eventually stop using such products and services. That explains why certain products with the potential to capture the global market, has failed to make the cut because of its poor support reputation.

As Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts, we are here to help D365 users across the globe find the much-required help and support. Here is our team answering some of the most commonly asked questions (FAQs) regarding Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Business Central support services. If you do not find answers to your support queries in the below sections, feel free to go ahead and contact us using the support request form.

Dynamics 365 Support Services - 5 Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. How do I avail support services for Dynamics 365 and Business Central?

As a product that has been in the market for many years, finding support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 isn’t difficult. However, finding quick, timely, and affordable support is doesn’t come easy. Here are the 3 D365 support options available for you globally.

i. Microsoft Support

One question that many D365 users ask is – instead of going through another company, can’t I directly contact the Microsoft team for changes or support to my Dynamics 365? The answer is - yes, you can contact the Microsoft support team for your D365 support needs. In fact, Microsoft has published a great amount of information regarding its support services including self-help resources. Here are some useful links, that will help you know more about this.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support Centre:


Documentation and resources relating to Dynamics 365:


Dynamics community and discussion forum:


While it is true that you can avail of support services directly from Microsoft, the fact is – this isn’t the preferred way. What makes the direct support approach less popular is the support cost and time. Therefore, these support services are generally used by Microsoft Partners, then direct users.

ii. Implementation Partner

The most popular way of availing D365 support services is to get it from the same Microsoft Partner who helped you implement Dynamics 365. In fact, when faced with a technical issue the most obvious and instantaneous human response is “call the guys who installed it”.

The advantage with such an approach is that you know the team that implemented the Microsoft ERP solution at your organization and they know the intricacies that came up during the process. It is this familiarity factor that makes most organizations to continue with the same implementation partner for support services, even at the cost of other factors. The truth is- most implementation partners do not have a support team or support process. This leads to slow response time, high hourly support rates, and the long process of evaluation, estimation, proposal, and contract, even for performing small changes and modifications in the ERP.

If you are looking for an implementation partner, check out Microsoft’s Partner Directory with the list of all the partners near your location.

iii. Remote Support Services Partner

If you are looking for an unconventional and smarter way to work with your Dynamics 365 support needs, this option is right for you. The remote support services for MS Dynamics 365 are relatively new but it has been flourishing globally, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. Technology-backed Dynamics 365 remote support services companies are turning the disadvantages of the other two models into their advantage. For a very long time clients were hesitant to opt for Dynamics 365 remote subscribe service. But with the pandemic COVID-19, the world has got a good taste of the remote working possibilities and have embraced it easily.

The advantages of having a remote support partner are many. The foremost benefits are quick turnaround time, low cost, and deep expertise. Apart from this, most Dynamics 365 remote service providers operate on a pay-as-you-go model, allowing users to subscribe to support services as and when they need it. DynExpress is one of the leading Dynamics 365 support services companies offering support services on the remote model.

2. What are the different kinds of Dynamics 365 support services available?

A trusted partner can get you the most out of Dynamics 365 implementation and accelerate your business success. They offer unparalleled support services and expert guidance in buying, implementing, and optimizing your D-365 to maximize ROI, improve margins, and achieve business milestones, without having to shell out a fortune.

User Support

An experienced partner’s managed services extend far beyond deployment and enhancement but include dedicated user support and maintenance capabilities to uphold the business operations in its peak performance. Your business system is constantly monitored and discrepancies are rectified before they turn to problems. Be it a bug or a technical glitch, timely support, active advocacy, and a wide range of self-help resources are provided through Dynamics 365 user support services.

The wide range of industry experience and knowledge equip them to identify and rectify any technical issues. The best user support service includes best practice recommendations anytime through a variety of support tools. You can rest assured of the timely support at arm’s length with a professional user support system.

User Training

Successful deployment is only part of a professional D365 partner’s job and to equip the user to leverage the best out of it is the other. Transform your workforce to well-trained and confident users, with a wide range of training programs that cater to diverse roles and responsibilities of the employees.

Even if you are new to this platform, just testing the waters with the CRM, or maybe an expert who is searching for the best possible experience, the comprehensive yet detailed training programs will support you. Either learn directly from the specialist or do an online training course, to cater to the different users based on their role within the organization. This enables users to acquire the knowledge and tools needed to tap the full capability of the new software.

Custom Report

Efficiently manage the way to run your business with intelligent reporting from Dynamics 365. Do you find your reporting templates incapable to do the business performance measurement? An expert support service providers can assist you with accurate and effortless report generation that breaks down key metrics important to your organization like sales trends, marketing campaigns, team performance, and more.

You can turn these custom reports into visual aids like charts or tables in your dashboard for better analysis while you continue to work with the system.


Enhance the business processes by adding industry-specific functionalities to the out-of-box capabilities of Dynamics 365. To cater to the unique business needs and to get the desired outcome, customization is the only solution. A well-versed partner’s expertise in customizing MS Dynamics applications enhance various business areas of the organization to make it more appealing and fit for the users.

The User Interface (UI) of the application needs to be customized to suit the customer’s brand value to make it presentable and more interactive to the users. Process customization reduces human effort greatly by fully automating the various business processes using customized workflows and business rules. Any D365 module can be customized with the help of the technical service providers to suit the specific business requirement through module customization. Forms customization is done to modify the required fields or to add new fields according to their requirement. A customized dashboard with custom charts, tables, and reports provides important data for business performance analysis. Seamless and efficient integration of Dynamics 365 is also provided with the existing applications and modules for better productivity. Here’s more on Microsoft Dynamics 365 customization possibilities offered by support partners.

Module Implementation

You need to identify the Dynamics 365 applications that are best suited for your current requirement and implement them successfully. This module wise implementation makes use of the need-based subscription model of the D365 solution and allows you to add more as the business grows.


The expertise of your implementation partner is just as important as choosing the software for your business growth. Make sure of their efficiency in deployment methodologies and consistency in quality assurance to make the quickest ROI and efficient installation. The remote deployment services offer a hassle-free and structured approach for maximum efficiency all within budget and time.

SQL Server Maintenance

A well-organized, secure, and high-performance database system is essential for any business organization to run smoothly. This leads to the creation of SQL Server database solutions with well-curated maintenance plans to perform scheduled tasks such as performing backups, maintaining indexes, updating statistics, checking database integrity, and so on. The D365 support services ensure that your MS SQL Servers to run uninterrupted and scrupulous.


Don’t let your business to be left behind but keep the pace with the latest technology by taking your investment in Dynamics GP, NAV or AX to a unified cloud platform of Dynamics 365 or Business Central. Future-proof your business processes with the help of D365 support services to save time and money with ongoing maintenance and stay fresh with incremental updates.

If you are in a dilemma on whether or not to upgrade from NAV to Business Central or to move from AX to D365 Finance and Operations or to upgrade from GP to Dynamics 365 or from CRM to Dynamics 365, refer to these resources page.

3. How to identify the Dynamics 365 support partner that’s right for your organization?

The migration or implementation of Dynamics software is a significant business move. Choosing the right partner will help you make sure that you are on track, on budget, and encompass the right parameters to meet your business goals. When it comes down to hiring the right partner for Dynamic 365 support central, you need to consider the best that is good with implementation, customization, and support. It helps you in getting the right advice on deployment options and ensures the implementation with utmost precision, which is critical.

Most businesses while switching to a new partner face issues like:

  • The partner taking a longer time to respond to the support and guidance
  • Transparency of information sharing, lack of proper training, or no periodic reviews during different stages of the process
  • Post-implementation interruption - failure to address lesser priority functional requirements proactively
  • Lack of well-defined information on the fee structure

Factors to consider when choosing a new Dynamic 365 and Business Central support partner

Experience and dynamics expertise

Technical knowledge and experience in Dynamic 365 solution is obvious parameter while selecting the right partner. But remember that every MS Dynamics solutions have a plethora of functional areas. And so, it is crucial to choose the partner who understands and is capable of facing the challenges while working with Microsoft Dynamic 365 along with other platforms for your business requirement. Having a partner with experience in the specific support area is an added advantage for successful and quick implementation.

Microsoft managing skills

A partner with managing skills on Microsoft Dynamic releases is also critical. Dynamic 365 and Business Central has two annual releases from Microsoft. The partner should be able to embrace the new functionality and incorporate it into your design without any changes that negatively impact the implemented solution.

Check for relevance and proven approach

With a prior understanding of best practices, the partner can do a better job and help in bringing relevant improvements and adding value. A partner with an understanding of the strengths and limitations of the applications used for your business operations is the best choice. Such a partner should display the ability to suggest diverse solutions to meet the varied organizational requirements.

Partners with proven methodology will be an additional benefit for you. So, check for the partner’s approach to their works on service transition in key areas like customization, training, user adoption, and integration with other systems. Find out more about the references on when and where they have done it before.

Transparency and support capabilities

A partner with transparency can be trusted and will ensure that you will not be kept in the dark or involve you in the major decisions. And you will not want a partner who will wait for your approval for every stage that might delay the implementation process.

While shortlisting the partner with excellent implementation capabilities, ensure to research their support and training abilities. Choose a partner that will support you in every best way according to your business needs, be it when you want to be hands-on or delegate the entire process. It is also crucial to maintain project timelines and the expected outcomes.

Ability to keep up with demand

Even after the implementation process, the partner should be available to provide training and maintenance support to all users. Select a partner who would offer assistance before, during, and after deployment. They should provide on-going support as well as process optimization for the system and make sure the software remains efficient throughout. The partner should be able to scale the Dynamics Business Central system to meet any surge in business growth. A partner should be able to offer a future-proof and flexible solution for your evolving business growth.

To conclude, we understand that it is tricky to select the right partner, with massive implementation requite involved – both in terms of time and investment. Ensure to do your thorough homework before closing on the new Dynamic 365 partner for the best result you are looking for in your business.

4. What are the business benefits of having a Dynamics 365 support partner?

The leap from legacy systems to holistic solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 isn’t an easy choice to make for a business. Moving to Dynamics 365 is a huge milestone for your business and you’ll need a dependable partner to complete the transition and navigate through the new system.

It is natural to feel overwhelmed by the upgrade and that’s why Microsoft has its global network of professionals who specialize in selecting, personalizing, and implementing your new solution, and then train your team to use it. These professionals, otherwise known as partners, understand your business needs, analyze your options, and provide the right solution for your organization.

To identify the right partner with the expertise that you’re looking for, Microsoft has introduced competencies. Competencies can be silver or gold and are awarded to partners who have proven themselves consistently to Microsoft. Silver competencies are awarded to partners who exhibit consistent capability, expertise, and commitment in a particular area, while gold competencies are awarded for best-in-class capability within a specific Microsoft solution area.

If you’re still not sure about collaborating with a support partner, let us tell you all about the benefits of having a Microsoft Dynamics 365 support partner.

Getting the customization right

One size doesn’t fit all. What’s right for your friend’s business may not be right for you. Dynamics 365 gives you the option to customize your system to suit your business requirements and a partner will help you assess those requirements. From UI customizations to application integrations, a partner will help you discover functionalities to suit your processes and improve efficiency.

Training your staff

One of the major concerns businesses have about the upgrade is unfamiliarity with the new system. Staff members find it difficult to navigate through the new system and it often leads to downtime. But with the right Dynamics 365 support partner, you don’t have to worry about it. Microsoft support partners provide user training services aimed at equipping your users to get the most of your Microsoft Dynamics investment. From a basic walkthrough of Dynamics 365 applications to a module-wise in-depth training, your partner will have you covered.

Dedicated support

Even if you decide to implement the solution on your own, what happens when you hit a technical glitch or have a bug? Your support partner will help you deal with all kinds of problems and will provide dedicated support post-D365 implementation.

Stay ahead and updated

A reliable support partner helps you stay ahead with proper consultation about new releases, upgrades, and complex functionalities.

Deployment and new module implementation

With the help of your support partner, you have your D365 deployed by experienced specialists who will guarantee you a quick and hassle-free deployment. What’s more? You can also add functionalities and apps to your system as your business grows with the help of your Microsoft support partner.

5. What is the support service model of DynExpress?

Every product we use in our daily life came out of an idea or a solution to meet a need. This is true about DynExpress as well which was conceived by a team of D365 experts who realized how organizations were suffering due to the lack of efficient support services. Today, as a global support partner for Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite of applications, DynExpress offers end-to-end services that take care of any Dynamics 365 support need you can think of, be it upgradation, customization, reimplementation, report generation or other support services.

DynExpress service model is built as an answer to the pain areas of D365 users – the high cost of support and high response time. Here are the key highlights of the DynExpress support model.

Quick Response

Built on a lean team structure that focuses on customer value, the support team at DynExpress is empowered to respond quickly and make fast decisions based on the customer support needs. It means that the users need not go through the time taking conventional estimation-quotation-contract-approval process followed by most ERP implementation partners.

All that users need to do is share their support needs through the integrated support request form. One of the Dynamics 365 support specialists will take it from there and share the time and cost and on your approval, the work gets started. It means – no waiting in the dark, no extended deadlines, and no overshooting of budgets.


DynExpress follows a piecework pricing model, which allows users to pay only for the work done, however tiny or complex the task might be. Organizations can use the support services purely on a need basis without having to sign multi-year contracts with us. The team at DynExpress will be right there when you need, no questions asked, no strings attached!

Remote Delivery

DynExpress was quick to realize the benefits of the remote working model, much before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. Unlike the conventional model where an ERP consultant first visits the client location, takes the requirement, returns to his office, discuss with the team, shares scope & pricing and assigns a developer to work at the client office, here everything happens remotely from an offshore location at a rapid phase.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based solution, the team at DynExpress is fully equipped with the tools, resources, and expertise to handle any complex support request from an offshore location, be it upgradation, implementation, customization, or other support requests. Check out the full list of support services offered by DynExrpress on the remote delivery model.


All said and done, finally, it comes down to money! In an industry that charges somewhere between USD 400 – 700 per hour for any sort of support work, the affordable DynExpress model is often a marvel to customers.

Want to know how we manage to do it without compromising on quality? Here’s how – we embrace the power of remote working technologies which allow us to keep our customer acquisition and delivery cost low and enable us to pass on the savings to our customers.

Exceptional support for an exceptional product!

In short, DynExpress is all about Dynamics 365. That’s our passion, expertise, and obsession for we believe that an exceptional product like Microsoft Dynamics 365 requires an exceptional support service. So if you are looking for quick and affordable support for Dynamics 365, Business Central, Dynamics GP, or NAV and AX upgradation, you can rely on our support specialists. All you have to do is fill in the Dynamics 365 Support Request Form and help is on your way!